Cahill Technical, a division of the The Cahill Group, provides industrial automation systems engineering and maintenance services to commercial and industrial clients.

Established in 2004, Cahill Technical’s Industrial Service facility contains one of the best equipped calibration labs in Canada. With 930m2 of multi purpose space for fabrication, assembly, test, service and maintenance activities directly accessible to major highways and the Port of St. John’s, Cahill Technical is strategically positioned for the transportation of standard and oversized loads.


  • ISO 9001:2008
  • CSA Class 3211-09: Industrial Control Cabinets
  • Others by special inspection

Lab Standards

  • Nationally traceable reference standards for temperature, pressure, and dimensional calibration
  • EI&C test equipment calibration

Fabrication Area

  • Assembly and testing of custom electrical and control cabinets
  • Skid mounted and modular process packages
  • Maintenance and repair

Calibration Lab
100m2 (1075ft2)

Indoor fabrication floor space
325m2 (3500ft2)

Warehouse and Production area
505m2 (5435ft2)

Overhead crane capacity

  • 10 Tonne
  • 7.5m (24ft) under hook

Laydown area (secure access)
2090m2 (22,500ft2)

Electrical Service

Lab Environmental Controls

  • Precise temperature and humidity control required for high accuracy calibration work
  • Temp 20 ± 1oC; RH 40 ± 3% (adjustable)
  • Near-clean room levels of dust control
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